Speak German

Like a Native

Du kannst echtes Deutsch sprechen!

Courses (Coming Soon)

Speak German

Like a Native

Du kannst echtes Deutsch Sprechen!

Courses (Coming soon)





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Hi, I'm Steffi!

Born and raised in Berlin, and crazy about languages! I even tried learning sign language!

I was always fascinated to meet expats in Berlin that learn German and try their best to pronounce "Eichhörnchen", I started helping them by giving tips and tricks that help me learn new languages, and eventually started teaching them German.

Through teaching using different methods, I’ve perfected the way I believe is the most effective when it comes to learning German. 

Over 600k students around the world are learning with me and improve their German day by day.

You can do too! Join us on that journey!


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On today's menu: German slang!

Weather in Germany - Das Wetter in Deutschland

Types of doctors in German

What my students say

Sehr gute Methode!

"Deine Methode ist sehr attraktiv und nützlich. Die Lern-Materielle sind kurz, klar und verständlich."

Meine Motivation

"Ihr Lächeln in Unterrichtsvideos schafft einen besonderen Mehrwert und steigert die Motivation, deswegen der Artikelkurs war hoch interessant für mich und warte auf neue Kurse von Dir."

Awesome results

"You are the greatest! Thanks so much for your work, it is amazing what you have done! When doing things passionately the results are always awesome!"

Now I'm motivated

"At the beginning I had doubts whether to learn German or not, until I found your courses. Now I'm motivated to learn it no matter what!"

Great and helpful

"Hi, I'm a 14 year old from Dennmark who loves the German language. I just wanted to say that your content is SO.. SO GREAT and HELPFUL. Mach weiter so!"

Meine Lieblingsseite

"Deine Seite ist meine Lieblinsseite, um Deutsch zu lernen 😍"

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