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Weather in Germany - Das Wetter in Deutschland

culture Sep 09, 2022

Eiskalt, Warm oder Heiß? Let's talk about the weather in Germany!


Hey guys, it's Steffi from Berlin! Today it's raining non-stop, so I thought that might be a good opportunity to teach you about the different types of weather you might experience in Germany, as well as some useful phrases to talk about with your German friends. And I am sure you already know, the weather is a fantastic topic for every smalltalk. Los geht's!

The weather in Germany can be unpredictable, but that's part of what makes it so interesting! Some say... 😜


One of the first things you'll notice about the weather in Germany is that it can be very diverse, depending on which part of the country you're in. For example, the southern region of Bayern (Bavaria) is usually warmer than the region of Hamburg. This means if you're planning a road trip through Germany, you should pack for all types of weather!


Another thing to keep in mind about the German weather is that it can change very quickly. Yes the German weather is wechselhaft. One minute it could be sunny and warm, and the next minute it could be chilly and rainy. This is why we Germans always like to have a Regenjacke (rain jacket) handy, nur für alle Fälle (just in case).


So what's the best way to talk about the weather in German? Here are some useful phrases to get you started:


Wie wird das Wetter heute? - How's the weather today?

Es ist heute sehr warm/kalt. - It's very warm/cold today.

In Hamburg ist es kälter als in München. - It's colder in Hamburg than it is in Munich.

Morgen soll es regnen. - It's supposed to rain tomorrow.

Brauche ich heute eine Sonnenbrille? - Do I need sunglasses today?

Soll ich einen Regenschirm mitnehmen? - Should I take an umbrella?


Let's start with the most important basic vocabulary, sorted by the Jahreszeiten (seasons)

das Wetter - weather

der Frühling - spring

der Tau - dew

der Regen - rain

Es regnet. - It's raining.

Es ist verregnet - It's rainy.

der Himmel - sky

die Wolke - cloud

Es ist bewölkt. - It's cloudy.

der Sommer - summer

die Sonne - sun

Die Sonne scheint - The sun is shining.

Es ist sonnig. - It's sunny.

der Sonnenschein - sunshine

Die Sonne blendet mich. - The sun dazzles me.

die Hitze - the heat

der Herbst - autumn / fall

der Hagel - hail

Es hagelt. - It's hailing.

der Wind - wind

Es ist windig. - It's windy.

der Sturm - storm

Es stürmt. - It's stormy.

das GewitterThunderstorm

der Blitz - flash

Es blitzt. - It's flashing.

der Donner - thunder

Es donnert. - It's thundering.

der Nebel -  fog

Es ist neblig - It's foggy.

der Winter - winter

der Schnee - snow

Es schneit. - It's snowing.

die Schneeflocke - snowflake

das Eis - ice

Es ist eisig. - It's icy.


It's time to talk about die Temperatur (temperature)

Wie ist die Temperatur? - How is the temperature?

Das Grad - degree

Wie viel Grad werden es heute? - How many degrees will it be today?

Es ist sehr kalt! - It's very cold!

Es ist eiskalt! - It's ice cold! / It's freezing cold!

Es ist warm. - It's warm.

Es ist heiß! 🥵 - It's hot!

Es wird kälter / wärmer. - It's getting colder / warmer.



I hope you found this blog post helpful! Now you are ready  to chat with your German friends about the weather. 🌦⛈

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Sonnige Grüße aus Berlin


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